Welcome to The Odd Size Shirt Company

WE offer a bespoke shirt tailoring service to provide good quality, custom made business and casual shirts at affordable prices.

Why should you buy from The Odd Size Shirt Company?

Are you Mr Average, or do you struggle to find shirts that fit and feel comfortable? Are any of the following familiar?
  • Sleeves too long or too short?
  • Neck too tight?
  • Too baggy in the body?
  • Too long in the body?
Unless you are a very specific height to weight and build ratio, when you buy “off the peg” shirts on the High Street, you’ll experience one or more of the above. You will probably have been “making do” for years by not doing up the collar, or rolling the sleeves up or maybe even only buying short sleeve shirts?

Or, perhaps you aren’t that much of an “odd shape or size” but would like to experience the pleasure and comfort of a bespoke tailored shirt but don’t want to pay Jermyn Street prices?

This website and our service are the answer! You don’t have to “make do” anymore! For about the same price as a good quality off the peg shirt from the High Street, you can enjoy the feel and satisfaction of wearing a high quality, custom tailored shirt that fits you PROPERLY!

How do I buy from the Odd Size Shirt Company?

Simply download our order form & follow the five easy steps below:
1. Fabric Choice 2. Self-Measure 3. Styling 4. Personalise 5. Delivery & Payment
Browse through the Fabric Gallery to view and select from nearly 300 quality fabrics Follow the step-by-step, easy to use self-measure guide Select from a range of cuffs, collars, front styles, fits and looks Add a monogram or any specific details or requirements you may have Provide a delivery address and decide how you would like to pay.
We are always on hand to offer advice or guidance. Please contact us with any queries you may have.